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Bruce Trewyn

Bruce's artwork can be seen at:

Domain Gallery in Gulfport,FL

Wild Child Gallery in Matlacha.FL

Shoppes at Broadway in Ft. Myers<FL


17" tall  What can we say about "Owlvis"?
The whimsical mixture of recycled items makes him 
exclusively singular.

9" wide at feathers
  6" wide top of head

 $125.00 plus S&H


The Manatee is now on display at a juried art show in Cape Coral until 9/26. 

SOLD   But similar pieces can be made


19 1/2" long - 12 1/2" wide

We're told hogfish is the top of the food chain. Eating aside,this beautiful fish was loving hand- hammered.

                         $90.00 plus S&H 


Solid copper     36 1/2" long  -  19 1/2" wide

You'll notice the horse has no eye, thus the name "Running Blind". A treasure for any horse lover.

                        $150.00 plus S&H


26" long    18" wide at horns 17" tall

                    This unusual moose started out to be a cow, but something just wasn't right. thus his reincarnation to a bizarre moose. He also graces homes across the country.

                          $150.00 plus S&H 

SOLD   But similar pieces can be made


Solid copper    34" long  - 13 1/2" wide with taxidermy glass eye

The talent of the artist is showcased in this piece. Every notch, indentation, 
depression & imprint was done by hand.

$150.00 plus S&H

20" long   15" wide - 12" tall  - 7 1/2 x 7 1/2 mouth
Frogger was once an umbrella stand, but in his new life he's a wacky frog.

$ 125.00 plus S&H

 Bluefish  -  Sold 

Made of galvalume. Can be ordered in a variety of colors.

$75.00 plus S&H 

He stands regally at 54" & 23" wide at the sail with 12x15 at base

This sailfish would be a striking addition to one's lanai, pool area or foyer.  The copper that makes up his sail is from a 100 year old home, therefore bridging the gap from old to new.

$700.00 Plus S&H

Diver  - Sold

Of course, other divers can be made, but each piece is unique in it's own right.


24" tall -  27" beak to tail - 15" wide at feet

What do you get when you mix a pitcher,a vase and a wall sconce? 

A bird!  Artist, Bruce Trewyn, brings these quirky items to life.

                      $125.00 plus S&H

About Copper Creations Artist 
Bruce Trewyn



2020 Show Schedule

Bloomin Arts  -  March 7-8  - Bartow,  Fl

Babcock Ranch Art Show  -  March 14  -  Babcock Ranch, Fl

Central Park Art Show  -  March 21 - 22  -  Winter Haven, Fl



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Bruce Trewyn


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